The Best 10 Luxury Closing Gifts for Realtors:

Show Your Clients You Care with these Real Estate Closing Gifts

Being a realtor requires interpersonal skills, support, and nonstop contact with your clients to ensure they secure the home of their dreams. When it finally comes time to sign those documents and close on a property, you’ve made your client’s dreams come true – they have a home that is all their own, where they will make memories, raise families, own families, and grow old. It’s a big deal for people, which is why closing gifts for realtors are so popular today.

Offering the gesture of a gift at closing confirms to your client that they are more than just a number on your sales sheet; their story meant something to you, and you want to wish them well in their new humble abode.

Some blank card from the grocery store, or a generic box of chocolate, doesn’t quite cover all of the time and dedication you just put into getting your clients the home of their dreams. You want them to know it means something more to you, which is where we come in. We’re going to share 10 realtor closing gifts we want you to consider with your next client.

Real Estate is one of the most competitive industries out there.
Stand out with a luxury closing gift!

These days, realtors strongly rely on word-of-mouth and referrals. A positive experience can lead to many more projects and sales in the future. Top agents say that referrals are the most effective way to do business, but also a relational way of business. By creating a relationship with your clients, you create a deeper connection to their family, friends, and the surrounding community. One of the easiest ways to connect with a client is to give a real estate closing gift that is thoughtful and sets you apart from all of your competition. This Forbes article is talking about how real estate closing gifts are important.

The giving of closing gifts serves two main purposes: it allows you to show your appreciation to your client, and it is a subtle method that could potentially lead to future referrals. Learn how to give successful gifts by following these steps:

Make the Real Estate Closing Gifts Useful

Chances are, if you sell someone a house, they will not be returning to you the very next month. Give a gift that is useful, and can be used often, so that the clients have a constant reminder of you and your top-notch services. Perhaps a gift that a homeowner can use when entertaining, such as a candy dish, a cutting board or a specialty platter. Gifts like these can become conversation pieces among friends and family when they visit, and your name will fit its way into the story. You’ll open doors through these connections and your business will be the client’s first choice if/when they ever choose to buy or sell again.

Why our real estate closing gifts will make a lasting impression?

Best Luxury Closing Gift

Prestige Presentation

Nobody ships gifts like us! your clients will feel appreciated before they even open their BONNÂGE box
Best Luxury Closing Gift

Attention to Detail

Complete with a personalized message, our gifts are not only lavish and elegant, but tailored to fit each of your clients.
Best Luxury Closing Gift

Conversation Gifts

Our selection of closing gifts become conversation pieces among friends and family.Our GOAL is to be remembered!

1. The Home Office

This gift takes all the pressure of finding a gift off of your shoulders. It is the definition of a luxury housewarming gift. Filled with beautiful home décor pieces, this collection is a magnificent addition to any home. Natural features and neutral tones allow these pieces to mix in easily with any room. The Home Office gift is so versatile to all personal styles that you might as well stock up on more than one box. You never know when you’ll need a closing gift at the last minute!

2. The Entertainer

Wine and cheese never looked so good. If you’re clients love to play host and hostess, then this gift is the one for them. The Entertainer combines a delightful selection of dining accessories that are ideal for happy hour gatherings. A closing gift that calls for a true celebration! Made from quality materials, these gifts will be used at get-togethers for many years. Pair this with the client’s favorite bottle of wine to really go above and beyond!

3. Taste of Chicago

If you’re a realtor in Chicago, we have a Chicago customer gift set calling your name. Including a Chicago skyline plate, coasters, and our signature brownies that are unforgettable, this gift set will show your clients just how much their patronage has meant to you. Don’t forget about the customized card that you can attach with the present, sharing your personal feelings and gratitude. Furthermore, the greatest thing about this gift – it is made locally in Chicago!

4. Bonnage Signature Gentleman

Go big or go home! A luxurious collection of closing gifts for realtors that even the man of the house will appreciate. In other words, this extraordinary gift will greatly represent your company in the highest standards. Express your utmost customer appreciation and leave a lasting impression with your clients when they receive this beautiful selection of gifts.

5. Flowers for Her

Divine and artistic home accessories make up this gift from Bonnage. This box features feminine touches and finely made pieces. Therefore, the Flowers for Her box makes an elegant closing gift. Eye-catching from start to finish, any woman will feel appreciated and thankful to receive this gift. As a result, she will gladly display the gifts you gave her, and remember your name, for years to come.

6. Hole-In-One

If you know that your client loves to golf, why not bring that passion into your closing gift giving? We have a specialize golf gift set that includes four golf-themed coasters, plus our famous brownies. It’s a simple, yet meaningful gesture for clients that have an affinity for golf.

7. Home Aroma

One of the best new home presents is a custom candle that will fill the empty walls and ceilings with a delicious and memorable smell. It will come to be the fragrance that your clients remember as their “home smell.” We include a Home Aroma candle set, equipped with our brownies, that will help your clients slide into their new living arrangement with delicious aromas wafting around the room. Who wants to smell new construction, anyway?

8. Homerun

Back to the theme of golf… instead of a gift set that highlights tee time, consider our Homerun gift set, made with baseball fans in mind. Including four custom baseball coasters, plus our brownies made from scratch, hand boxed in our gifting set, this is a personal and thoughtful housewarming gift that will make any baseball fan absolutely ecstatic.

9. Pop, Fizz, Clink

You’ve got something to celebrate! You helped a couple move into the home of their dreams, and you want to thank them for it. That’s why a drink-themed gift set is the perfect move. Equipped with Prosecco for drinking, a Prosecco candle for lighting, cocktail-themed coasters, and our famous brownies, you can bring the party right to the closing with this kind of realtor present. If you sit back right now, you can almost hear the ice hitting the chilled glasses.

10. Welcome Home

Last but not least, we have our Welcome Home gift set, designed to help every new homeowner with essentials like a serving plate, cutting board and knife, and hops for décor. The knife has a strategic storing space in the side of the cutting board, so you can easily store it away without taking up a lot of space. At closing, enjoy the brownies included as part of the package, plus your favorite aged cheese, cut and served for your clients.

Just as one of the most important keys to successful real estate sales is location, location, location, similarly the key to a great closing gift is presentation, presentation, presentation. That is why Bonnage gifts are #1 when it comes to luxury closing gifts for realtors. Bonnage offers an exquisite gifting experience through superior packaging and beautiful gift-wrapping. From beginning to end, the gift of Bonnage is sensational and unforgettable!

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Give A Gift of Quality

For most, buying a home is the biggest investment a person will make in their lifetime, so go big or go home. The old adage “You have to spend money to make money” really is the perfect one to describe how you can earn repeat business from clients down the line. Show them how invested you are in their sale and business by putting a little extra cash into your purchase. Your gift should be a quality representation of both your company and brand. A luxury gift that lasts is going to give you a much better impact that something cheap. According to Realtor Magazine, nearly 77% of its readers have given closing gifts to their clients. With a great majority of the competition using the same strategy, it is vital that you give a gift that is special. Don’t waste money on gift cards, perishable items, or forgettable pieces.

Pro Tip:  Put your logo on it. When a gift has your logo on it, it becomes tax deductible as advertising. We offer a subtle way to advertise, buy adding a custom band on the packaging with your logo or name.

Be Prepared

Shopping for an individual gift for each client or sale can be time-consuming and stressful. Don’t complicate things by worrying about where to find the perfect gift. Instead, consult with our gift concierge and get six months to a year supply of gifts ready to give. Bonnage will help you create a great selection of boxes for when you need a gift at a moment’s notice. Make it personal by including a handwritten message on our beautiful ‘thank you’ cards. You may not become best friends with clients during the buying or selling process (not all agents do). But you should get to know them well enough to understand their hobbies or interests. Building a relationship is great for business — it also helps you gather the info you can use when picking a present.

Timing is Everything

Don’t present their gift on the day of closing. Instead, deliver the gift to the client’s house or office two weeks after closing, once they are settled. They will appreciate that they will be able to focus more on your gesture without the stress of paperwork. You wouldn’t want your gift to end up in a pile with all of their moving boxes or tossed out in the move. And if possible, always present the gift in person. Not only is it personal and you don’t risk your gift getting lost in the mail, but it could also be the perfect time to talk about anyone else they may know of who could benefit from your services in the near future.

Closing day gifts are certainly memorable. However, one way to really stand out and show that you truly care about clients is to remember the anniversary of their purchase, or reaching out to them on their birthday. This isn’t an expected or necessary gesture but will give you an excuse to reconnect with past clients and introduce the opportunity to work with someone they may know.
It is your job to be memorable. According to the National Association of Realtors, 88 percent of buyers say they would use their realtor again. But for some reason, only 19 percent actually work with the same agent or recommend him or her to others. Patricia Frippe, a national sales trainer, said, “It’s not your customers’ job to remember you. It is your duty and your obligation to make sure they never forget you.”

Make sure your clients never forget you, with the unforgettable gift of Bonnâge.

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