Corporate Thank You Gifts
Creative Employee Appreciation Gifts to Remember

Show your employees that you care by getting corporate thank you gifts from Bonnage. A survey conducted by Randstad US found that 60 percent of employees would leave or have left their jobs over a bad boss. So there is plenty of truth to the saying, “people don’t quit a job, they quit a boss”. The truth is employees rarely leave their companies for other seemingly obvious reasons such as being overworked or underpaid. Rather people quit their employers when they feel underappreciated and undervalued. Creative employee appreciation gifts help to remedy the situation.

Use Gifts for Employees Appreciation

As a business owner or executive, both you and your employees share two basic human desires: the desire to be validated and the desire to be appreciated. People want to matter. This is why money is only a good motivator when employees feel valued and appreciated. Companies inevitably lose money whenever there is high turnover. Recruiting and training expenses increase, causing significant drops in profits. Fortunately, you can solve this debacle by investing only a fraction of your resources on appreciation gifts for employees. Corporations need to openly recognize employees that do great work on a consistent basis. Your people expend energy daily, and ignoring their efforts is practically no different from telling them to quit. Bonnage has the best thank you gifts for employees to show your true appreciation.

Get Unique Corporate Thank You Gifts

Employee retention is critical to sustainable growth. Your employees have choices. They can continue doing business with you or switch to another company whenever they want, even if contracts are involved. Use our unique corporate thank you gifts to start showing your appreciation for staff and save your bottom line.

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