10 Extraordinary Luxury Corporate Gifts Ideas

Are you planning on throwing a luxurious corporate event for your company’s clients? Are you still deciding on business gifts for clients and other attendees?

Throwing corporate events helps your company in a lot of ways. They establish customer relationships and builds brand recognition. Events also encourage bonding between colleagues.

However, no business event is complete without gifts for your guests. It’s the ultimate show of appreciation for the clients and contacts who attended your event. However, finding the right gifts can be challenging.

Below, we’ve got some ideas on unique luxury corporate gifts to consider.

Chicago Black Hawks Game Used Stick Bottle Opener with Chocolate Brownies Luxury Gift Box

1. Ideas for Sports Fans

Are there fans of the Chicago Blackhawks in your guest list? Get them the Chicago Blackhawks-themed bottle opener. It’s crafted from an authentic hockey stick. Every bottle opener is unique, featuring various signs of real wear. Its seven-inch length gives you a good grip and a good feel of the piece of the hockey stick. It also adds a decorative sport-themed flair to the guest’s kitchen, office, or minibar. One of the best things you can give to your guests to show your appreciation is something useful. 63% of American adults drink alcohol. The typical drink is beer, even among executives. That means that your guests may appreciate a bottle opener. Indeed, bottle openers are already cliché gifts. However, there is a way to turn that to your favor. Many executives know they need to keep up a certain image consisting of quality and class. You want to play to this need. Start offering only the most luxurious bottle opener to your corporate guests. We have an excellent selection of luxury gifts for your sports fans right here.

2. Something Fragrant

Do you want to stick to something simple yet elegant? One way to stay in the minds of your clients is to appeal to their senses. The Luxury Sunflower Candle looks great and smells good. This gift set also comes with the signature Fairytale Brownies that appeal to the sense of taste as well.

When lit, the scent of the candle consists of a combination of cedarwood and cypress. It also features citric and grassy scents. This fragrance is perfect for the office, living room, bedroom, and more. Its versatility also makes it a great closing gift for realtors.

The 13.5-ounce candle is sure to last for a while before it runs out. Recipients of this gift set will feel pleased about the sophisticated look of the candle.

The white color of the candle will suit any room the guests place it in. The candle’s silver cover and gold sunflower embellishment add a stylish elegance. If the recipient isn’t into scented candles, they’ll still appreciate its design.

Candle and Diffuser Set

You can do more than help your clients achieve the perfect dinner by candlelight. With the Pop, Fizz, Clink gift set, you can give them a heaven-scented home. The gift set includes a Prosecco Scented Diffuser, Prosecco Candle, a wine coaster set, and brownies.

The scented diffuser features a blend of passionfruit, apricot. It also gives off subtle floral scents and sugared black currant. It gives off the fragrance of prosecco and champagne.

With the reeds that come with the set and something to hold them up, an office or home can become quite fragrant. The Prosecco Candle also features a similar scent as the diffuser. It’s smaller than the Sunflower Candle at 9 oz.

3. Wooden Muddler

It’s easy to appreciate good cocktails. It’s even easier to appreciate them when they’re made with a high-quality muddler. If you must impress guests who love a good cocktail, offer them the Churchill Downs gift set. The muddler uses the same wood used to support the paddocks in Churchill Downs Racetrack. It is six and a half inches long, which is the right length for smashing and mixing cocktail ingredients. It comes with an official certificate of authenticity from the Churchill Downs Racetrack. Fans of the Kentucky Derby will appreciate this corporate gift. Of course, it also comes with the signature brownies for a taste of delightful sweetness. Who says you can’t muddle cocktails while eating brownies?

4. Gifts for Golfers

About 36% of the US population have played, watched, or read about golf. The country also has 24 million on-course golfers. It’s no surprise if your guests are golf players or appreciators of the sport.

A good way to play to their golfer side is to give them something that fits their hobby. We’ve got something that fits this need. Coming with well-made Fairytale Brownies is the Authentic Golf Club Bottle Opener.

It’s not only a practical gift but it is functional as well. The bottle opener is large and hefty. Your guests will find the attached driver as a great decorative piece, too.

You can also add a customized message that will come with the package. To get that luxurious look, we’ll handwrite it for you. We want you to offer only the best luxury business gifts to your customers.

The Clubhouse Gift Set

Do you want to give your valued guests a unique combination of items? The Clubhouse gift set offers a luxurious set of golf coasters, a glass carafe, and a Blend Bar Board set.

This set is perfect for clients who love to entertain guests in their homes or patios. The blend bar board is the ideal way to prepare citric drink garnishes that will later go into the carafe. It comes with a knife that sticks to its groove on the board via magnet.

The golf coasters consist of four-inch round sandstone. Each coaster in the set has a unique design that describes the elements of golf. The cork backing keeps them from slipping on table surfaces.

The glass carafe takes an elegant teardrop shape that curves out into a beautiful beak. It’ll look great carrying chilled water or aerated wine. Finally, the set comes with the Fairytale Brownies as well, like all our other golf gift sets.

5. Classy Office Decor

Some of the best upscale client gifts come in a set. The Home Office gift set is one of the best choices you can use as a corporate gift. It has everything a person needs to keep an office looking lavish and chic.

The main piece in the set is the crystal clock. The timepiece uses pieces of crystal and 24K gold-plated accents. It’s a perfect addition to the home or office that is both purposeful and classy.

The clock comes with a matching set of agate coasters. The material for each coaster consists of pure, semi-precious agate. The gift set contains four coasters that’ll match any office décor.

The next piece in the set is a gold-plated 5×7 photo frame. Everyone has precious memories that they like to look at or display. This one will look great next to the clock or the other pieces in the set.

The gift set also contains the Luxury Sunflower Candle and Fairytale Brownies. The brownies aren’t likely to last as long as the other pieces in the gift set. Yet, they will offer momentary but blissful pleasure to your client’s taste buds.

The Home Office gift set suits not only your clients who may want to redecorate their office. It’ll also fit the American workers who now work from home and have created home offices. There’s no doubt that there are even more who work from home today.

6. Baseball-Themed Gift Sets

If you’re still looking for high-end corporate gift ideas, here’s something sports-related. Are your clients or guests baseball fans? If so, you may want to give them gifts related to the ball sport.

Fans of the Chicago Cubs will enjoy the Chicago Cubs Bottle Opener gift set. It includes a bottle opener, Fairytale Brownies, and a handwritten message. The bottle opener is from an MLB-authenticated Chicago Cubs broken bat.

Because the pieces from it come from an actual bat used in a Cubs game, every bottle opener is unique. Each features real wear and tear. Celebrate the World Series Win of the Chicago Cubs with fellow fans who also happen to be your clients with this Chicago Cubs Gift.

Do you think that your guests are more of Chicago White Sox fans? Pick the Chicago White Sox Bottle Opener set instead. Like the Chicago Cubs bottle opener, this bottle opener comes from an actual White Sox bat. The gift set also comes with a dash of sweet delicacy that is the Fairytale Brownies box.

Are most of your clients male? Check out this list of ten more Gifts for Him for more corporate gift ideas.

7. Something Historical

Do you have a limited budget but still want to offer high-end gifts to your clients? Do you want your luxury gift to be more meaningful? Do you want your gift to be functional, well-designed, and historical? The History Buff gift set is a great combination of all those things.

This luxury gift set features the Buffalo Head Nickel Money Clip and Fairytale Brownies. The Buffalo Nickel is authentic and got minted in the years between 1913 and 1938. It’s attached to the magnetic clip for a classy finish.

The leather used for the money clip is of top-quality pebble grain cow leather, and it’s lined with polyester. The money clip features an inner pocket and two card slots. This sleek and sharp design is perfect for clients who like to keep their bills ready-to-use.

The clip is easy to slip into any pocket. Your clients don’t need to worry about placing magnetic cards in the card slots. This money clip wallet has metal plates sewn in it to protect magnetic cards.

8. Dining Accessories

Bottle openers and money clips make great gifts. Yet, not everyone drinks from capped bottles or keeps money clipped outside of a wallet. If you want something that the recipients can use daily, give them dining accessories.

The Taste of Chicago gift set is a great modern dining accessory set that everyone will love. It has a silhouette design plus interesting graphics and descriptions of the city. It also includes a box of Fairytale Brownies for the sweet-toothed guests.

The square Chicago Platter features the silhouette of the city of Chicago but as words rather than dark space. The platter is microwavable and dishwasher-safe. The set also has four coasters with various designs describing the city’s features.

If you want to feature something grander, pick the Sweet Home Illinois gift set instead. It contains an Illinois State Platter, Illinois coasters, and the Signature Fairytale Brownies. Like the Taste of Chicago corporate gifts sets, the platter uses words to draw a shape. Meanwhile, the luxury coasters describe the best of Illinois.

9. Grand Gifts for Him

Are you looking to give gifts to a smaller party? Do you want to go all-out with your gift ideas? If so, consider the Bonnage Signature Gentleman gift set.

It is one of the best luxury corporate gifts for men that the recipients are sure to treasure and remember you by. It features a unique combination of things that most men enjoy. The list includes:

  • Rare Cars Designer Book
  • Bronze Dog Bookends
  • Acacia Wood and Alloy Twist Coaster Set
  • Lion Head Drinking Glasses Set
  • Lion Head Luxury Decanter
  • Signature Fairytale Brownies

The Rare Cars Designer book will make a great coffee-table book for your guests. It features rare and exotic cars and some interesting information about them. The Bronze Dog Bookends will look great holding the Rare Cars book and other books up. These weighted bronze hounds will look great in your guests’ offices.

The set also has Lion Head Drinking Glasses and Decanter set. The matching glass pieces look beautiful when they’re filled with whiskey. Using colored liquids is the best way for the details of the etched lion head to come out.

Included in the set is also the well-designed Twist Coaster set. Each of the six coasters consists of acacia and alloy. When stacked, they create the illusion of twisting metal and wood.

Luxury Corporate And Business Thank You gifts in a Beautiful Packed Box featuring a set of Golf Counters
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That is our list of luxury corporate gift ideas that you can give to event attendees or clients. We hope this guide on luxury corporate gifts gave you an idea of the most ideal corporate gifts.

Did you enjoy reading this list of corporate luxury gifts? Check out our other guides on the blog. You can also talk to us for more information on these luxury gifts.