7 Powerful Ways to Use Customer Appreciation Gifts

Your customers are the reason you have a thriving business. They deserve to see your appreciation! One of the most effective ways to show your gratitude is by importance of customer appreciation gifts infographicsbuying them a customer appreciation gifts.

When customers see your appreciation in this tangible way, they stop feeling like just another face in the crowd and start feeling like a valued individual. That good feeling will keep them coming back to your business, and it will increase the likelihood of them recommending your products or services to others.

Customer appreciation gifts leave a lasting impression on the recipient. Every time they admire the gift, they will be reminded of your business and the person who gave them the gift. There are endless ways to show your gratitude to your customers and encourage customer retention through gifts. Here are seven clever customer appreciation gifts ideas.

1. Show Appreciation for Customer Referrals

There’s nothing more valuable to your business than a customer referral. Every referral can mean a new loyal customer, and that means a boost in revenue. Those new customers can refer more customers, and the rewards for your business keep multiplying! The reason why referrals work is simple: people are more likely to invest in services or products if they are referred by someone than trust.

Sometimes a simple thank-you note is enough to show your appreciation for a referral. But ideally, you should put a little extra effort (and money) when coming up with customer appreciation gifts ideas. When you’re investing in customer referrals, you’re actually investing in a marketing strategy—a very effective one. Gifts are a great way to encourage referrals. It’s important to be selective about the customer appreciation gifts you choose. It needs to be something worthwhile that a customer will actually use. Otherwise, it won’t serve as much of an incentive. Also, don’t forget about writing Client Referral Thank-You Letter

Edible gifts or a gift card to a local restaurant are often appreciated, but allergies and dietary restrictions can render these presents useless. Unique, high-quality, useful gifts are the best way to incentivize referrals. Gifts for the home and the kitchen specifically are great choices. Things like candles, wall art, and even stylish coasters will be put to good use. A bottle of wine is a classic, but go the extra mile by including some glasses and/or a bottle opener. With the right gifts, you’ll definitely be able to increase your referrals and your business.

2. Reward Active Followers with Social Media Giveaways

Social media is a fantastic tool for showing customer appreciation. It’s easy to see who’s invested in your business by looking at those who are regularly liking, commenting, and sharing. By hosting giveaways on social media, you can do two things at once: grow your social media following and reward customer appreciation.

One common way to conduct social media giveaways is to allow followers who like, share, and comment on a specific post to enter for a prize. The prize could be a plethora of things: a brand-new product, your best-seller, a basket of samples, or a customer appreciation gift card. This benefits you because you may gain new followers because of all the shared posts. And if you conduct giveaways on a regular basis, you will be getting consistent traffic on your social media pages. For example, you could do a giveaway on the first of every month, every Friday, or every other Wednesday.

Another common way to conduct social media giveaways is to have followers tag their friends in a comment on one of your posts. You might require them to tag three friends or give them unlimited entries, one for every comment they make. Either way, this will effectively attract more people to your page. If you really want to maximize your social media traction, you could host a giveaway on all your social media platforms (typically, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter). Select one winner for each platform.

3. Host a Customer Appreciation Gift Giveaway in Exchange for Feedback

Another great way you can host a giveaway for your loyal customers is by gathering their feedback. Their opinions are to push your business forward and actually provide the services and products your customers want. The problem is that sometimes trying to get your customers to leave their feedback on your work can feel almost impossible. You have to incentivize feedback to make it happen.

One popular way to incentivize feedback is to promise a giveaway entry to every customer who leaves their opinions. You could allow customers to leave any kind of feedback they want or provide them with a survey to gather specific information. You could send emails with these surveys every time a customer makes a purchase or at some regular interval such as once a month. There are a lot of tools you can use to create customer surveys with ease, including Google Forms which you already have access to if you use G Suite.

If you’re really desperate for feedback about a specific product or service, you could promise a small token of your appreciation for every person who completes a survey or provides feedback. This might sound expensive, but, again, you have to remember how truly valuable feedback is to your business. You could also provide survey-takers with a discount code or a customer appreciation e-gift card, which will further encourage people to utilize your services.

4. Give the Gift of Knowledge as a Sign of Customer Appreciation

Knowledge is a valuable gift to pass along to your customers. While some gifts can only be enjoyed for a short length of time, knowledge can benefit your customers for a lifetime! Knowledge also doesn’t have to be costly. Some customer appreciation gifts ideas in the form of knowledge include:

  • Exclusive blog posts
  • Webinars
  • Newsletters
  • E-books

The knowledge you pass along doesn’t necessarily have to be something you’ve created. Although this can be a great way to spread more awareness about your brand, you can choose to give knowledge from someone else that’s been meaningful to you. For example, if there’s a book that’s helped you at work or in your personal life, buy several copies and use it as a standby gift to show customer appreciation. Make sure to include a personal note that explains why the book is meaningful to you. You could even go the extra mile by sharing some of your favorite quotes or concepts from the book!

The way that you show customer appreciation should vary depending on what kind of business you have. You might consider tailoring the gift to the types of services you provide. For example, if you’re an accountant you could share knowledge with your clients about financial wellness.

5. Send Customers Appreciation Emails and Notes

A great budget-friendly way to show customers how much they mean to you is by sending them a personal note. This can take the form of a customer appreciation email or a handwritten note. Once you’ve closed a deal or made a sale, promptly send them your thanks.

luxury handwritten thank you notes and gifts from Bonnage
Every Bonnage customer appreciation gift comes with handwritten thank you notes

This may seem a little old-fashioned, but you’d be surprised how many people will truly appreciate the gesture. If you can be a little more personal—mentioning real personal details about the customer—they will appreciate it even more. This kind of gift shows that you care and that you value your customers as people, not just nameless, faceless customers.

Sometimes the most effective notes aren’t “thank yous” but rather “we miss you” notes. You can send these to customers you haven’t heard from (or gotten an order from) in a while. As a bonus incentive, you could offer them a “welcome back” discount code or send them a customer appreciation e-gift card.

You can also use a note or customer appreciation email as a way to follow up with your customers a while after they’ve used your services or made a purchase. You can ask them if they are still having a good experience with their product or whatever service you helped them with. Keeping up some kind of correspondence with customers can make them keep coming back. They’ll know you care and are willing to go the extra mile to keep you satisfied.

6. Throw a Customer Appreciation Event

Sometimes the most effective way to show appreciation isn’t to give a gift but rather to provide an experience. You can do this by throwing a special get-together in honor of your most loyal customers. Some companies have annual customer appreciation events. Choose a fun recurring theme or change the theme every year. You could also have the party coincide with a day or week that gives loyal customers a discount.

While many companies love formal get-together, these events don’t have to be. You can choose to make them informal if you’d prefer. You don’t need much to have a successful event—just some great food, drinks, and maybe some dancing will do! If you want to go all out, you could hire outside entertainment.

You can also use the customer appreciation event to advertise your company. For example, give your loyal customers an exclusive sneak peek on your new line of products or some services you’ll be offering in the future. You could also make it a shopping event where you showcase products and all the invitees get a special discount. Make it a “try before you buy” experience where you show off the latest items.

While you’re hosting a fun event, why not take advantage of the time when all your most loyal customers are in the same place at the same time? Ask them about their experiences with your company and any ideas they have on how you can improve.

7.  Show Year-Round Customer Appreciationimportance of customer appreciation gifts

A lot of businesses show customer appreciation on special occasions such as holidays, birthdays, or company anniversaries. But your customers deserve to know they are appreciated all year round. This is especially true if you have a business that makes a large amount of its income in the holiday season. Your customers who are purchasing from you at other times should be shown how much they are valued. They deserve fun “just because” gifts.

One great way to consistently show customer appreciation through gifts is by implementing a customer loyalty program. You’ve probably experienced this kind of program firsthand from one or more of your favorite establishments, like your local coffee shop. Creating a loyalty program isn’t as complicated as you might think it is. You could reward customers or clients every time they spend a certain dollar amount or make a certain number of purchases.

Once customers meet the threshold you’ve decided on, you could provide them with a flat discount, an extra service, or even a customer appreciation e-gift card. These perks are often great incentives to keep them coming back for more.

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